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Ruijie company organized new accounting standards and financ... MORE+
Detailed introduction£º In order to correctly grasp the content of the new revised standards, improve the quality of the company's financial information, standardize financial management behavior and improve the level of financial management, on October 22, 2020, the Financial Department of Ruijie Company launched a one-day online training meeting on the new accounting standards and financial management knowledge. Atte...
Ruijie Company visited Jiangsu Ensman Elevator Co., Ltd MORE+
Detailed introduction£º On the afternoon of October 14th, Mr. Pang Guqing, General Manager of Ruijie Company, visited Jiangsu Ensman Elevator Co., Ltd for investigation. Yang jinbao, chairman of jiangsu enman elevator co., LTD., introduced the development history, production and operation status of the company in detail, and showed the elevator products in residential areas in jinhu area at present. Mr. Pang Guqing, G...
Bid evaluation results of meeting room and exhibition hall d... MORE+
Detailed introduction£º...
Ruijie Company organizes training on fire safety knowledge MORE+
Detailed introduction£º Recently, Ruijie company invited Huai An emergency response center Wang Shuangyin instructor fire safety knowledge training. In the training, instructor wang combined with all kinds of fire cases, elaborated the importance of fire safety management, focused on the three-level fire prevention responsibility system, and for the establishment of fire safety awareness, mastery of fire prevention an...
Zaozhuang Taierzhuang Water Supply Company went to Ruijie fo... MORE+
Detailed introduction£º On September 21, Sun Zhongling, General Manager of Taierzhuang District Water Supply Company of Zaozhuang City, visited Ruijie Company for investigation and investigation, accompanied by Pang Guqing, General Manager of Ruijie Company. During the inspection, Sun Zhongling and his party visited the production workshop, laboratory, warehouse and other areas of Ruijie Company successively, and affi...
Xuyi Tianquanhu Municipal Operation Company visited Ruijie C... MORE+
Detailed introduction£º Recently, Mr. Qi Weichun, General Manager of Xuyi Tianquanhu Municipal Operations Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanjing Jinling Hotel Group, and Mr. Chen Zhixiang, Director of Operations Department, visited Ruijie successively. At the exchange meeting, Fan Guanghua, director of production and operation and manager of product development and quality inspection department of Ruijie Company, explaine...
Ruijie Party Branch to carry out themed party day activities MORE+
Detailed introduction£º Recently, Ruijie Party Branch organized a theme party day activities. At the learning meeting, Pang Guqing, the secretary of the branch, combined with the actual work of the branch, led everyone to concentrate on learning the Implementation Measures of Ideological Work Responsibility System, and made a detailed interpretation of the principles, responsibility subjects, responsibility system con...
Ruijie company organizes to carry out driving operation trai... MORE+
Detailed introduction£º On August 24th, Ruijie Company organized a safety training on driving operation to further improve the company's safety management level and strengthen the awareness of safety in production among workers. This training carries on the comprehensive training from the driving structure principle, the safety inspection before use, the specific operating rules, the operation safety standard, the ove...
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