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       Ruijie Company has a strict quality and environmental management guarantee system. It has passed the LS09001-2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification after rigorous and meticulous examination by experts of China Fangyuan Certification Group. Company is equipped with a complete test equipment, such as tester, melt flow rate instrument, hot and cold water cycle testing machine, compression blasting machine, differential thermal analyzer, pendulum impact testing machine, constant temperature drying oven, analysis days equality testing equipment, has a perfect production site inspection control system and product physical and chemical index system. Products passed the national chemical building materials testing center and all levels of health and epidemic prevention departments of detection.
       Microcomputer controlled tube pressure blasting testing machine
       Measuring the basic performance of plastic pipes is the pressure bearing capacity of plastic pipes, which is what we call the static hydraulic strength. The microcomputer control pipe pressure blasting testing machine is the test equipment for the static hydraulic strength of pipes.
       It is mainly used to test the bearing capacity of plastic pipes and fittings.
       Oven is often used to test the longitudinal retraction rate of pipes.
       Polyolefin is a crystalline polymer. There is more or less a certain internal residual stress in the pipe after processing. After the crystallization orientation and stress release of the molecular chain, the size of the pipe will change.
       The standard requires that the longitudinal retraction rate of PE pipes should be ≤ 3%, the longitudinal shrinkage rate of PE pipes made by our company is between 0.84% and 1.24%, which fully shows that our processing technology is well controlled and the raw materials are relatively stable.
       Crosslinking degree test device
       The crosslinking degree is determined by determining the gel content of the crosslinking polyethylene products. The level of the crosslinking degree determines the high temperature resistance of the pipe.
       However, the higher the cross-linking degree of polyethylene, the better the performance of the pipe. Studies have shown that when the cross-linking degree of silane and peroxide cross-linking pipes is close to the low cross-linking degree specified in Din16892, they have better long-term performance, while too high or too low cross-linking degree will lead to poor performance. The standard requires that the degree of crosslinking of peroxides should not be less than 75% and that of silane crosslinking should not be less than 65%. The crosslinking degree of PE-XA peroxide crosslinked pipes made by our company is between 75%-78%, and that of PE-XB silane crosslinked pipes is between 65%-70%.
       PE pipe standards require elongation at break & GE; 350%, while the elongation at break of PE pipe of our company is between 500% and 800%, which is far greater than the standard requirements.
       Microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine
       Microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine is mainly used to test PE pipe elongation at break.
       Because polyethylene pipe in the construction, assembly process, because of the complex ground conditions, installation and design of underground devices to avoid obstacles, and put forward the polyethylene pipe elongation at break test, breaking elongation test is also an important test of polyethylene pipe factory inspection items.
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